Let us get rid of that damned Un.

Equal Right to what is created as a result of a developing society – more details.

Sole right for the individual to what the individual contribute more details.

Equal right to political influence in the broadest possible sense more details.

Reciprocal humanity, across borders more details.

UnEqual right!

Unequal right leads to extreme inequality. This inequality is a result of the fact that only a few are allowed to rake in the economic return created by the development of society. The table of society is more accessible to the elite than to those at the bottom of the social ladder; that is why they are at the bottom. The elite part of society are getting rich not merely by their individual work effort, but by raking in profits from speculative trading in values. This speculative trading distorts the economy, and creates riches far beyond what could be obtained by individual work effort.

A few obtain riches that soar to great heights while others scrape the bottom. This extreme inequality is unnatural and contrary to the simple justice, that could be obtained by distributing the economic return created by the development of society equally to all members of society.

Equal rights are about the right to get your equal share of the economic return created by the development of society, no matter what job you have or don’t have, what education you have or don’t have, how much land you own or how valuable that land may be, or how much capital gain you are able obtain from investing capital in production. It is an equal right you should have due to the simple fact that you contribute to the development of society at an equal proportion to every one else. You are a cogwheel in the economic machinery of society, and no cogwheel is more important than others.

Financiers contributes with risk taking capital and as a taxpayers and consumers, but on the other hand they are putting taxes on the economy due to their workfree profits obtained by pure speculative investments. Tax evasion is another common phenomenon, and is also simply an extra tax on the productive part of the economy.

The common worker contributes with his work effort and as a consumer. He also pays his tax.

Welfare claimants as consumer, and we all contribute greatly by stimulation our offspring to become a productive part of society, if this society allows it.

All such cogwheels are equally essential for the macro-economy. Therefore every cogwheel should be awarded an equal share of the economic return created by the development of society.

But equal right is more: The economic return created by individual work effort, and by investing capital production should be protected against taxation. No one but the individual having invested this work effort and capital has the right to earn this revenue. Income taxation puts a taxation on the revenue on which we all depend for out livelihood, thereby taxing the revenue that could have invested in creating jobs, production and consumption of products.

As society is developed the conditions for economic activities improve; the collective work effort by all combined with investments in production and the buying and trading of all, and especially the infrastructural development improve these conditions, so that the revenue gained from economic activities increase. Land is essential for all economic activities, which means that land values will increase as a result of these improved conditions, caused by the joint effort of all of us.

This is where the solution to inequality can be found. The increase in land value is a result of society developing and should be shared equally by all.

In the present societies that is not the case. The elite rake in the the lion’s share as workfree profits, leaving nothing for those at the bottom of the social ladder.

To fight inequality this has to change. It can be done by putting a tax on land values to an extent where it is not possible to earn work free profits from having control over land and its work free revenue. This work free revenue is called Land Rent, and is the result of land being traded as a commodity, constantly increasing in value, because the conditions for economic activities continue to improve. The free trading of land should be abolished, because the revenue earned by trading land is created by the joint effort of all members of society. We should all have equal right to our share of this revenue.

Land should be rented, but houses etc. should be traded as before.

We should also be allowed to keep the entire revenue from our own work effort and from investment in production and job creation – the income. This is where the double role of land value taxation becomes apparent; The land value tax should be the only source of revenue for the government budget, so that income tax can be removed. As society continues to develop, the revenue from land value tax will become greater than what is needed for public expenditure. This surplus should be shared by all as a citizens salary.

This is about land ownership: what does it actually mean to own a piece of land? We should discriminate between judicial ownership and economic ownership, and economic ownership should be split into two:

the right to exploit the land for your own benefit, and the right to cash in on the mere ownership of the land, the workfree profits. Judicial ownership and the right to exploit land economically should remain private, but the right to cash in work free profits should be stopped by means of land value taxation. The land value tax should be taken solely from the unimproved value of the land; the improvements produced on the land – houses, gardens, systems for geothermal energy etc, i.e. anything produced, should be free from taxation. Only the land itself should be taxed.

Equal right is about more than this. It is also equal to political influence no matter your income, your wealth, your placement in the social hierarchy, education etc. Even the most highly educated expert in political science and economics can be so focused on his personal needs and truths, that he or she is unable to judge what is best to induce all the cogwheels of society to run in a stable and operational way. To reach such a goal we need inputs from all hierarchies of society.

Unequal right breaks all borders. Inequality is unevenly distributed. The country with the highest GDP per capita per year is Liechtenstein with $139.100, and the country with the lowest is Somalia with $400. This difference is not caused by the average inhabitant of Liechtenstein being 347 times smarter or hard-working than the average Somalian. It is caused by the unequal access to the revenue created by the development of society; it is caused by the fact that the Somalian society develops very slowly or not at all, because the trading partners Somalia earns the trade surplus consistently and constantly. It is caused by the fact that whatever growth is realized in Somalia is raked in by a small elite, who are consistently investing their profits abroad, thereby sucking their own country dry.

It is caused by the rich countries being allowed to protect their own terms of competition, while demanding that their poor trade partners drop any kind of protection. This policy is enforced by lapdogs of the rich countries: IMF, OECD and WTO.

From a national perspective the solution has already been mentioned: land value taxation.

In a global perspective part of the solution is for the poorer countries to de-globalize their economy, at least to some extent, and then focusing whatever economic surplus they have in an infrastructural development: transport, irrigation, electrification, education etc., and that they base their economy primarily on domestic products, and protect their financial markets against exploitation or downright attacks from the global financial system. 68,5 million people have been displaced from their home region or even their home country. About 3 million har applied for asylum in primarily Europe, USA and Australia. Several reports from Gallup world show, that the potential for refugees are far greater, perhaps around 750 million people – source.

No one is asking why people choose or want to become refugees. We are only talking about avoiding the pressure from immigration. But we must remember, that these people have the same equal right as everyone else, even if they come to Denmark or Germany or…. If we truly want to stop them from coming we must fight the reasons behind their choice, not fight the refugees.

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