Circumventing the EU elite.

Britain is in close combat with the EU on a deal. The EU demands that Britain continues to abide by the internal market rules of the EU, to maintain trade relations with the EU.

But take a look at EFTA. EFTA is an association for promoting free trade amongst its member states. EFTA has a trade agreement with the EU, defined in the EEA (European Economic Area) which follow some of of the rules , but not all, applying to the the internal market. But only three of the four EFTA members –  Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway – has agreed to follow the EEA rules. The fourth member state – Switzerland – has its own trade agreement with the EU (

This boils down to the basic truth, that it is possible to have a trade agreement with EU without being on the receiving end of the Boa Constrictor of the internal market.

What Ursula von der Leyen and the few others in the EU elite is doing to the British people is a reprisal attack; a  punishment for leaving the EU. Don’t accept it!

The best course of action for Britain now, would probably be to leave without a deal and then join EFTA, and from that position negotiate a new trade agreement as a sovereign nation backed by other sovereign nations in a similar position. I doubt the EU would dare continue their reprisals.

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